About Us

Sushimania company is a real team of experts who have worked in some of the best restaurants in the world for many years, increasing their skills and experience of working with clients year after year.

gotovim sushi

We cook with love and joy!

Your selected orders are executed by professional chefs sushi-makers.

Our motto is: Speed, Quality and Preciosity!

Location of our company (Найти нас на карте) was chosen to ensure the fastest possible delivery to any part of Riga.

Careful, high-speed and high-quality delivery!

Each order of sushi and rolls is carefully packed and delivered to you in special outdoor boxes, retaining freshness of sushi at any weather and temperature conditions.

Logistics is considered perfectly.

We do not make sub products - cooking of your sushi begins immediately after your order by the phone. Sushi delivery occurs immediately after preparation.

gotovim sushi 2

We cook tasty, quickly and qualitatively!

Be sure that you will get all the best in the shortest time.

We are kind to our clients.

We care about our clients, and we always want to make a pleasant surprise to them.

You will get a 20% discount at your Birthday and Name-day!

Sushimania team treats the wishes and suggestions of its clients with care and responsibility. We respond to your requests promptly and strive to improve our performance constantly.